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Sirene journal vol. 11
Sirene journal vol. 11
Sirene journal vol. 11
Sirene journal vol. 11

Sirene journal vol. 11

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32x23.8 cm / 100 pages / printed on paper made from recycled algae




Blue Humanities

Water as a different way of thinking, the ocean as practice and theory at the same time. It is the liquid knowledge of Professor Steve Mentz that will save the world. Because the future belongs to swimmers and sailors.


The Ocean of Square Sails

A photographer sailor, a rite of passage, and the images of a timeless life on board.


The Sea on Foot

One step after the other, one Cape after the other. Going into the water as soon as you can. Always balanced in the middle-world suspended between dry and wet.


Under the Sign of Alicudi

Alicudi, Aeolian Archipelago. Not always, but often, islands are linked to fate. A new life awaits those who drop anchor there to stay.


My Waves. Bryan’s Boundless Surfing

Bill Finnegan’s globe-trotting companion in Barbarian Days, Bryan Di Salvatore surfs among words as he once surfed among waves that have become the stuff of legend. As you will read in his Nineteen Ways of Looking at a Wave.


The Water Lands of the Guna

Coral lagoons radiant with color, silent pirogues, women who are in charge while men fish. Among the last custodians of an archipelago that could disappear.


Aboard the White Ships

The slow life of the hydrographers and the sailors on a mission to tell the sea on a map.


Mermaids. Among the Hidden Rocks

Mallorca. When the difference between being ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the water loses meaning.