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Lagom Issue 7

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Issue #7 is something of a sensory issue: in it we explore taste, scent, tactile experiences, and atmosphere. We visit he homes and workspaces of creative people around the world, and discover new destinations and pastimes to help us escape our screens. We like to think that in making Lagom magazine, we’re helping to connect a global community of like-minded creatives. If you can’t always travel to the many places that inspire this community, we aim to transport you to a few of these locations, metaphorically, and convey something of their atmosphere in the pages of this issue. Visiting people and places in Iceland, Norway, Swedish Lapland, southern France, Vermont, Athens, Brooklyn, London, and Paris, we hope you can feel inspired, motivated, enjoy putting your feet up, experiment with a new method of making coffee, or try one of the three recipes you’ll find in this issue.