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Freckle- issue nine

Freckle- issue nine

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winter 2020/2021

Issue nine brings you twenty-four articles, poems and short stories celebrating the people, landscapes and livelihoods of this place, brought to you by more than forty contributors. 144 pages, the issue explores the themes of Bearing Witness, Deep Ecology, Resilience and Revival.

We hear stories of Bearing Witness, to our own lives as they unfold, even as we participate in the unfolding, through the act of telling stories, and listening to the stories that others have to tell. We hear stories of Deep Ecology, a philosophy based on nature’s intrinsic value and the interconnectedness of all things: wildlife in cities, of refuge where land meets sky, the stars that our ancestors saw and our place in ‘The Great Turning’.

We hear stories of Resilience, exploring how readily we bounce back from adversity: tales of reflection and solace, learning and reorganising, adaptation and celebration. We hear stories of Revival, of customs, knowledge and skills being brought back to life: boat builders out on the Lagan, photographers with film cameras, a flourishing Irish language centre; a network of community film clubs and a people’s forest.

The issue closes with a short story from author Irina Nakonechna, whose work focuses on the exploration of the Scottish landscape, arts, and culture.

Freckle is, above all, a love letter to this place and an ode to the true stories that are unfolding around us. We are delighted to create media that nourishes your soul and buoys your spirit. Welcome to issue nine.