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Blasta Books | The United Nations of Cookies

Blasta Books | The United Nations of Cookies

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Cultures and cuisines have many differences, but one thing they all have in common is cookies. No matter the country, cookies evoke fond childhood memories and feature in many holidays and celebrations. But there’s more to this book than just a sweet treat. Author Jess Murphy is an official High-Profile Supporter of the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), with whom she works to raise awareness and to advocate for refugees. She has worked with refugees around Ireland as well as immigrants who have made Ireland their home to collect and share their recipes. Meanwhile, author Eoin Cluskey has tested all the recipes at his Bread 41 bakery in Dublin. This is a little book with a big heart, showing that food knows no borders.

All author proceeds will be donated to UNHCR.

“It is impossible to underestimate the impact that Jess Murphy of Galway’s Kai and Eoin Cluskey of Bread 41 have had on contemporary Irish food. Jess’s cooking and Eoin’s baking are the very staff of life. Yes, they are both commercial organisations, but commerce is actually beside the point: they don’t exist just to make money. Consider this: in a world where every food person wants to write a book, Jess and Eoin have handed over the authorship of their first book, Cookies, to a multitude of diverse people from around the world, people who either by necessity or by choice live and work in Ireland. The names of Jess and Eoin are on the cover, but the content is curated from the work of many others, a collation of adorable recipes for cookies, culled from all over the globe which they have gathered and tested to create a glorious wealth of sweetness that you’ll want to cook each and every version. In a time where selfishness threatens to drown our shared humanity, Jess and Eoin’s act of selflessness – their generosity – falls from the heavens like mercy itself.” – John and Sally McKenna, McKennas’ Guides