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BIBS pacifier 5 packs | 2 sizes variety of colours

BIBS pacifier 5 packs | 2 sizes variety of colours

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Please note this will be a pack of 5, you will get a mixture of colours and these cannot be selected or changed. 

BIBS Pacifiers are a Danish classic. These dummies have a traditional round shield and cherry shaped soother, supporting a child's sucking reflex. BIBS pacifier teats are made of 100% natural rubber from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis and the shield is made of polupropylene (PP).

Cherry shaped pacifiers are recommended when breastfeeding because the child is using the same sucking technique when breastfeeding and using the pacifier. This way it gets easier to change between pacifier and breast and there will be no confusion.

The round lightweight shield curves away from baby's face, ensuring that air gets to the delicate skin around the mouth and reduces irritation.

Natural Latex is more elastic than silicone, which makes it suitable for children that bite into their pacifiers.

  • Suitable Age: from birth by size;
  • Multiple colour options available;
  • Shield diameter: 4.5 cm / 0.99 in
  • Round/cherry shaped teat;
  • 100% Natural Rubber soother;
  • BPA, PVC and phthalates free;
  • Complies with European Standard EN1400+A1
  • Designed and made in Denmark

Care instructions:

  • Before 1st use sterilise dummy in boiling water, make sure water is squeezed out of the nipple before giving it to your baby;
  • Never use washing up liquid to clean your child’s dummy;
  • Never use your dummy to administering medication;
  • Frequently check the dummy for damage. Please refrain from using a damaged dummy;
  • Dummies’ should be replaced every 6-8 weeks for hygiene reasons;
  • Store in a dry, closed container;
  • If changes in the shape of the teat occur i.e. cracks, holes, bite marks, pacifier should be immediately replaced as this can lead to defects and risk of suffocation.